Results folder and clean plate no showing

I have 2 problems. one, the results folder isn’t always created. sometimes it appears and others it doesn’t. i’ve tried to adjust it in the preferences folder, saving the project to my desktop so i can see it right away and it doesn’t make much of a difference. still isn’t consistent.

second problem. when i make a clean plate it doesn’t go to the results folder the few times it actually creates a results folder. it sends it to a different drive on my computer. then mocha says it can’t locate it or unable to get it when i try and use it when trying to use the remove module. again, i’ve tried adjusting both the absolute and relative settings but it doesn’t work in either case. out of many hours and many attempts it did it right once and after that hasn’t done it again.

what can i do?

The results folder is created either where you are pulling the footage from, or where you have it set to. If it can’t create a folder you have a permissions issue or a network issue if you’re saving it over the network.

If you have your preferences set to an absolute results folder location on an external drive, mocha will always save your cleanplate to there. You can change this in preferences in mocha.