Resume adding path vertices

Hi. when I draw a Bezier path with the bezier layer tool, and then I close it. then undo (because maybe realized I need more points), it does not let me to continue where I left off, but instead creates another layer. a common path drawing procedure is that if I click on the last vertex, it should let me continue my drawing but it does not

try it:

  1. draw a Bezier path

  2. close it

  3. undo

  4. try to continue the drawing


Try using X splines instead, we have been seeing some errors with Beziers.

Can you try that and let me know?

Hi Mary sorry for the delay, I seem to miss notifications from the forum sometimes. not sure. anyways, this won’t happen with X-splines because they are appear to be always closed, not like Bezier splines that are open until you close them. for roto work I am sometimes more comfortable with classic Bezier. could someone check if this is broken or there is a way to continue a B-spline once I closed it and undo?

You can right click and open or close any shape, bezier or x-spline in mocha, they are not “always closed” if you convert them to open splines. Unless you’re using an older version of mocha, older versions of mocha do not support open splines.