Reuse shapes? (ROTO)

Is it possible to paste X Splines from one mocha project into a new one?

ROTOSCOPING: I have several clips of the same shot - brief snippets of one angle that are visually similar but not contiguous. In fact, the snippets are separated by quite some time. Tracking the entire shot is not an option. I have no qualms creating a new Mocha for AE project for every clip, but re-drawing the roto is a pain. I’m considering simply exporting tracking data to assist roto with AE masks, but I like how Mocha’s track+keyframe interpolation works with X Splines.

Any advice? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi efrahs,

At present there is no way in mocha AE to copy splines from one project to another.

We have a “Merge Project” option in mocha Pro however that can do this.