Reverse background removal with cleanplate?


Hi! is it possible to remove whole backgroud in Mocha pro without heavy rotoscoping? I have seen examples that you can remove people or objects from shot but is it possible do the reverse so there would be only the person in image?
My idea is that i would make cleanplate out of the background and then somehow i could combine the orginal footage with cleanplate and then substract/ take out the pixels that are not changing so that would remove the background.

You could use a difference matte. But you’re unlikely to get nice results with it. This is why mostly the solution is rotoscoping for this kind of thing.

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Hi Mary

Thanks for answer!

I am working with this kind of footage it is shot with weird tech for vr goggles it was already partially auto rotoscoped when i got it. customer want me to clean it up. Footage is shot with tripods so cameras dont move and i think it would be easy to make cleanplate out of it since the kid is moving constantly.

What do you think. could difference matte work for this. Thanks

It really depends on how clean you need it to be. If you need it crisp, probably not.

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Thanks for reply

I think it does not need to be that crispy since the orginal material is not that impressive anyways. This is kinda experimental i think. I will try diffence matte

Thanks Mary!