Reverse stabilization with stabilize module

Hi, is it possible to have the reverse stabilzation information of the stabilize module? I see you can export the stabilize information, but not the inverted one?

There should be an invert option in the export. Click the export button.

no such option in the export stabilized tracking data:

OK. I crossed my wires there with the regular track module export. Since all parameters are checked here, you can just use the track module for this instead of the remove module, and simply use the track and the inverted track, just align your surface to the frame you want as your “reference frame.” You can also use the cc power pin “stretch” option to re-distort after stabilization.

Because the stabilization module already exports the reverse of the tracking data, there is no invert. Though we can ask @martinb for a feature request. But if you want to use cc power pin and the stabilize module, you’d use unstretch from the stabilize module as well. However, you would need to precomp the stabilized footage and move all attributes into the new composition, then apply the same cc power pin and use “unstretch.”

with the regular track I had this problem: Mocha stabilized data problem is in some angles

so I thought maybe a workaround is for this process to be internally using the stabilize module. maybe a workaround will be using a feature revolving the stabilize module? the same way it works for mesh warp (warp and unwarp to produce inverse stabilization)

We don’t currently have a render workflow like that in the stabilize module but it is a good feature request and I will let @martinb know. :slight_smile: