Reverse stabilize OFX

I’m using Mocha OFX with Fusion. I have stabilized the plate and wanted to paint a little bit and then reverse stabilize it back. I can’t find a reverse module render setting under the OFX settings, strange that it isn’t under there. We have Lens distort and undistort so would be nice to have reverse stabilize.

What other way would give me similar results?
Tried to bake out Tracker node from Mocha to Fusion which stabilizes fine, but having problem getting it to reverse it, never manage to have it 1 to 1 as it was before.

When you export the tracking data, there should be an “invert” option.

Yes, i noticed that. But it didn’t have any effect it seems. Might be a bug in the Mocha 2020 OFX with Fusion, there are some other bugs i’m having so had to downgrade to older version of mocha.