Reverse Stablization

Is it possible to reverse the stabilization you have added to footage to get the original camera motion back? Sort of like this: Stabilized Footage AE Script by David Torno - ProVideo Coalition
But instead of needing to use the corner pin it would be the Mocha Pro Stabilization

Yes, you can export the inverted stabilization data out of the stabilization module in Mocha Pro.

Mary, in the Stabilization module I don’t have options for exporting an inverted version. Tried a few different exports of the transform data and then inverting that but could’t get it back to the the original look of the file (some sliding was happening in the position) Rotation and scale were back to normal though.

Oh, there used to be. Let me discuss that with Martin. Try exporting the inverted data out of the track tab instead for now?

David please see if this workflow helps:

if not, please tell me why