RGB Pixel Noise

I’m working on an older version of Boris on my current show, so this may have been addressed in the current Beta. But with RGB pixel noise, is there any way to get a more organic look than what I’m able to accomplish? For instance, it would be nice to be able to randomize the size of the grain, also, the ability to colorize the pixels… for instance, I’m working with black and white footage and I would like to work with black grain. I can only seem to get white pixels. I’ve also tried the film grain, but when I size the grain up, it gets very soft. I would like to get a more chunky, large but sharp pixel pattern. I could knock this together with PI, but I’m stuck here with Continuum V10 for now.

So as a feature set, could you add some additional capability to the wish list for the next iteration of Continuum? Ability to change pixel color in both RGB Pixel Noise and Film Grain. Ability to randomize size of pixels and abilitity to turn off blur in Film Grain so grain remains sharp? Apologies if these have been addressed in the latest Beta. I’ll be moving on to another show this week that has more up to date plugins.