ROI (Region Of Interest) is buggy

Just noticed that ROI implementation has (at least) 2 bugs.
It influences how things are rendered and I noticed problems in 2 cases:

  1. When using it with Mocha Pro workflow (tracked mesh and then Stabilize Unwarp and Warp), Enabling ROI here moves everything out of place

  2. It also somehow messes with the “Extract Detail node”, Enabling ROI and setting it to a smaller size than the comp is, Details and Colors in the node are misaligned

@marco Can you replicate this?

Mocha is not DOD aware and you can get unexpected results if you send a size different than the session size into Mocha. I would need to see a project to determine what is happening.

BTW. I’m using AE Plugin and Mocha Pro is also directly driven from Silhouette

Yeah but I haven’t used DOD, just ROI (that should modify just the view, not the calculation right?)

The Extract Detail node also looks different with different ROI settings…

I have to rebuild Paint for the majority of the project because of this (used ROI while painting) :melting_face:

Here is my Tree:

I can’t reproduce what you are seeing. For me, the Color and Detail views are aligned as expected when using the ROI. You mentioned that you are using a Stabilize Unwarp and Warp workflow with Mocha. If so, it seems to me that you should be using the main (left) Mocha output to feed into the Paint nodes. But, again, without having your project, it is hard to tell.

I can easily reproduce this, check this screencap please:

If I paint in ROI mode, the paint won’t be the same as I’m in the Regular mode (ROI disabled) and it gets misaligned.

And here is Mocha Unwarp/Warp workflow with ROI:

Luckily PowerMesh warp seems unaffected

The ROI controls rendering and changes the DOD. Mocha is not DOD aware so this causes problems. Add a DOD node before each Mocha node and it should work for you.