Rolling shutter problems?

This is my first attempt at tracking. I’m not sure if the slippage is from the rolling shutter on the camera.

I wasn’t sure how much of the van to track so I tracked the whole thing.

This is a picture of the plate.

I imported the tracking data into AE and onto a null object and then linked that to my plate image.
Any tips you could give me on how to stop the track from slipping around would be great.

Reflections can cause slipping, try to track areas like the back of the van, which has less reflections on it.
Also, if you’re still slipping a little, you’ll need to use adjust track to lock the track on. You can see our documentation here on adjust track:
Let me know if you still have issues. :slight_smile:

Thanks Mary, after re-tracking just the back of the van, and then using the adjust track tab, it tracked pretty solid even with major rolling shutter happening on that footage. The final shot was part of this clip.