Rotate corner pin control points after placement?


I often do screentracks but my autopilot dummy brain often places the nearest points to respective corners. This is ofcourse the wrong orientation if the screen is sideways or upside down.

Is there a clean way to flip the controlpoints without manually readjusting them? I know I could copy paste the keyframe data to correct it but would love to have it fixed inside mocha itself already.

Otherwise maybe a feature request: Button to CC/CCW rotate the cornerpin index without changing the shape? :slight_smile:


Maybe this can help you? If you messed up with the corners, you can go to Insert Tab, and enter 90° in the “Rotation Offset”, that will flip your image

That’s great Elizabeth! Thank you for the suggestion.

Never really looked at the Insert Module as we never really use it’s features.

I does seem to require you to export the Track Offset Data instead of the “normal” track so for the remainder of you working on it you’ll need to remember that. Maybe not the cleanest way to do it if you don’t really use/need the actual Insert Module features.

But workable for now :slight_smile:
Thanks again!