Rotating Emitters In 3D .. Not Yet? (Ditto RE: Deflectors and Forces)

I was just trying to experiment with using some circle emitters rotated differently in 3D space. One facing camera, one facing the side, and one facing up/down. … Doesn’t look there’s as yet a way to do that. Is that correct? (Ditto with deflectors and forces)
I AM able to kinda work around that by using a line emitter and drawing it in from a side or top/bottom view, and making the line close-ish to circular.

Also, is there any way to control more specifically what direction particles are emitted? I can’t find any controls for that.
For instance, ONLY emitting particles toward the camera. From what I’m seeing, turning on ‘3D Emission’ simply causes particles to be pretty randomly emitted into 3 dimensions, no way to control strength/velocity/amount per axis.
Or with forces, specifically controlling the direction of the force.

While I’m at it … Any hope of being able to freely rotate the camera when in World View? That would be very helpful.

You’re right, those 3D position/rotation/emission controls are not in 2021. They’re on the schedule though.

Rotating the camera in World View: you mean in the stage/HUD?

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RE: “Rotating the camera in World View: you mean in the stage/HUD?”
Correct. When in World View instead of Render View.
Very useful cuz sometimes it’s hard to see what’s going on when locked to a specific angle like we currently are. Plus being able to move points of, say, line emitters in 3D space. Currently I need to jump between top/bottom and side views to do that.