Roto node problem

I have been using the roto tool just fine. I make shapes and can see the blue shape when I toggle the different views. I have a strange problem now. I have made some shapes and when I toggle to see the blue shapes I get an entire blue frame. I even deleted the shapes and see a blue frame. I cant seem to get rid of it! Driving me crazy! It seems like there is a shape or somethgin is hidden causing the whole frame to turn blue. Do you have any idea how to get this to function back to normal?

Fiddling with this I have noticed now when i draw a regular roto box and se the blend mode to difference and invert I can get it to look normal. And if I just start over with a new file I can get it go back to normal. If anyone has any clues whats going on I would appreciate it. I also checked my memory to see if things were going haywire becaue I have several sessions in this file with several different clips of footage. I was hoping to group everything together in one file…

It appears you have an opaque alpha channel on your source files.

Please do the following:

  • Select the source image thumbnail in the Trees window
  • In the Node window, change Alpha > Fill from None to Transparent

That was freaking easy! LOL thank you!