Roto Quality Check - Actual Pixels

Hi, new Silhouette user

Have been using Silhouette for roto work and love it.

When checking that my roto shapes aren’t short and missing edge pixels I am sometimes finding it hard to judge where the edge is, especially where there is a lot of motion blur. I have a Quality Check script set up in Nuke for my exported roto and I find it easy to tweak exported shapes there as I can see actual pixels up close. When working in Silhouette it seems to be doing some kind of antialiasing to blur pixels together? (see attached screen grabs). Is there a way to turn this of for this kind of work or is this an inherent difference between how the two software’s work with images?

FYI The camera plate source is Apple ProRes 422 converted to .exr image SQ in Nuke

Open the Silhouette preferences and change the Viewer > Zoom Filter from Linear to Nearest. This will replicate the same behavior you see in Nuke.

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Perfect, thanks, Marco that is much easier to judge now