Roto Rendering With Artifacts


  • Silhouette 2021.5 Windows
  • Rendering roto with open and closed shapes and with motion blur.

The render has streaking pixels in the viewer assosicated with certain shapes. I was hopeful this was just a viewer error and the roto would render propertly but sadly, it did not. I saw the same streaking pixel artifacts in the exr’s. I noticed the artifacts go away if I turn off the motion blur. How can I get rid of these artifacts with the motion blur on?

How are the shapes being combined? Can you show us a screenshot of the node and the problem?

Correction, the issue still persists without the motion blur on. Could it be related to having done a mocha planar track with perspective on?

Yes, I think that could be the problem. Perspective. Can you try not using it and re-tracking? I think your perspective shift may have gone too far.

If you select one of the points where there is a line artifact, does right-clicking and selecting Reset make a difference?

No dice

Thanks, I tried re-tracking the roto but the artifacts still showed up but in different spots with the new track. The work-around I ended up doing was: Exported roto to Nuke (a pain since open splines are super slow in Nuke.)

@pretzelbagel_ec159 Would you mind sending your project minus the media so I can take a look at what may be causing the problem?

Hi Marco, thank you for offering to have a look. I am working at a studio closed off from internet access. If I find a moment, I will try and see if I can recreate the issue on my home computer. Some things to note. I started working on an entirely new shot and the issue with the streaks came up again. I belive the open splines (b-spline) are the most problematic. I am using a mocha planar track created in Silhouette using t,s,r,s and sometimes perspective. The issue came up with and without perspective on. The issue also came up with and without motion blur on. I’ve been able to work around the issue by exporting the splines to Nuke where the streaks don’t show up. I should be okay to get my work done this way for the time being so that’s good.