Roto Spline Overlay Issues v2020

Hi team,

We recently started using v2020 finally at work and immediately I have been inundated about roto overlay issues.

In v2020 if you hide the roto overlay:

  1. You cannot unhide it by clicking in the viewer, you have to manually press the keybind again. There is a preference option for this but it seems to be broken?

  2. When overlay is hidden you cannot move shapes or points with the arrow buttons and nudge things. You could on v7.

Not related to this but the Num keypad not working in Linux v2020 has also been quite an issue for artists used to it.

Are there any hot fixes to address these issues at all?

@joshbarham Items 1 and 2 were broken between v7.5 and v2020. We will fix those in the next point release. The numeric keypad issue on Linux was fixed in v2021.