I always knew that, if you wanna track a plane and and another object cross it, you need to, first of all
track this object, then, draw a shape over the plane you wanted to track,
Before you track it, you need to take this layer and put it underneath the object you have already track, so MOCHA will know to ignore this object while tracking the plane…so…
In Mocha Essentials New Course Ben is tracking a dress when the hand cross it and he didn’t put the dress layer track beneath the hand and it still worked! how is that
Here a screenshot from it:

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If it works it’s because that texture on the dress is something Mocha finds less distracting than any other texture on the screen. That happens sometimes.

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Oh didn’t know that i thought its rule of thumb, wherever an object is crossing your track area you need to exclude it

90% of the time you DO need to exclude it, but if it moves fast enough in 10% of shots you’ll encounter, Mocha will ignore it and you won’t have to. :slight_smile: