Rotoscoping + 3D tracker into HitFilm 2 Ultimate

Hello, i’m an HitFilm 2 Ultimate user and i’m looking for a rotoscoping solution.

Mocha Plus (as an upgrade from the bundled Mocha HitFilm) looks promising but i don’t understand if it’s possible to integrate the rotoscoping feature into HitFilm, or if it’s possible to export to file then re-import into HitFilm. Moreover, i’m trying to understand if the advanced 3D camera tracker results are exportable or if they are usable only into HitFilm (i need a camera tracker to match move my modo rendered virtual sets).

Thanks! Umberto

Currently, the only way to get mocha shapes into hitfilm is to use mocha Pro and render the mattes. HitFilm only supports mocha camera data right now.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.

Is it possible to use mocha Plus rotoscoping features with other software? Or is it simply a feature demo to invite for a Pro upgrade?

I guess that the mask rendering is available only in Pro version…

Too bad mocha Pro is far out of my budget, i’m looking for a relatively cheap (from an hobbyist POV) solution to solve my rotoscoping needs.

Thanks! Umberto

mocha Plus can export roto masks to all versions of After Effects and Premiere. (see compare chart).

Mocha Pro can export to all formats and render masks.

To get what you want, check for news on the next version of HitFilm (and our Black Friday sale) in late November. :wink:




I’ll do, thanks!

(doh! i must survive 'til late November :smiley: )