Rotoscoping Depth of Field

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My director shot some footage that he would like rotoed so we can insert a cg character into. There’s only one problem he wants is to work with rack focus they had in the footage. My question is how do I roto and make the depth of field work with my CG element.

How can I roto something that is blurry.

Also side note is there a way in mocha to preview your roto mattes be for exporting. It just seem like it would be useful to see the work in Mocha before you have to output. Especially if you can see how you roto work is effecting the matte.


Hi there, I too have the same doubt! How to rotoscope a blurry video?

Adding to the above, how to accurately rotoscope a lower quality video? For example let’s say a video shot in a mobile phone or a video shot in low light using a moderately priced digital camera…

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You will need to track translation, scale, and rotation only for rotoscoping blurry or low quality video. You may use mocha’s edge selection tools to grab the “edge” of the spline and add feathering selectively based on the timeline and the blur. You may also use “add edge width” to add feathering. To view your matte, use the matte viewing tools in the top of the tool bar. You can find more about rotoscoping here in our documentation: Boris FX | Mocha V5.6.0 User Guide

Or you might want to watch the fundamentals of mocha to learn more for free: Boris FX | Videos


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