Rotoscoping shadows over text overlay

Many strawberry roll on a wooden surface. Slow Motion. Top View. Stock Video Footage 00:29 SBV-309542270 - Storyblocksrolling fruitThe goal is the have a text overlay on the table and the fruit to roll over the top.

Mary - any suggestions on the best, fastest way to do this? I want the shadows to realistically go over text overlay and not totally cover it ofcourse.


I would desaturate the whole plate and use levels to bump the whole BG wood up into white. Whatever is leftover is your shadows. Completely rebuild the wood as a plate with your text on it. Isolate the strawberries with keys and roto, place them back on top. Sandwich your shadows back on top and multiply them. Blur as needed. You’re looking at completely removing shadows and rebuilding them entirely to make this work. Which is unfortunately just how you have to deal with shadows and reflections over the tops of things.

Thanks for the great workflow response here!

Follow up questions :slight_smile:

  1. Would green screen have been better? Or would the spill be another issue?
  2. To Roto the strawberries without the shadows would you say track using transform, scale and rotation only?
  3. Can you elaborate on multiply them? Do you mean blend mode multiply?

You are the best! Thanks.

Green screen wouldn’t have been better, because they’re on top of it.

I’d try to key what strawberries I could and roto the rest with probably translation, scale, and rotation.

I definitely just mean blend mode: multiply for the shadows.

Basically you build a new back plate, build all new shadows, and stick the strawberries on top.

Understood! Thanks so much! Will report back after the project is done or if I run into any issues.