Rotoscoping using the REMOVE tool


I wonder if i can use remove tool for rotoscoping.

For example:

in this video you remove the walking man

but what if i want to take the man and remove the background ?
Thank you for your answers.

You can almost do this by removing the object first and then doing a difference matte with the original footage, but it’s not perfect, as clean difference mattes rely on the two inputs being entirely different in colour, tone etc.

This method will certainly get you started, but there will be more follow up work to do to make it perfectly clean.

So there’s no way to do it by Mocha ?

About the method you just suggested, can you explain better what do i have to do ? Do i have to change the blending mode to DIFFERENCE, putting the background still up to the level where i want to remove it ? Do you have a link to some tutorials for this ?

It’s strange mocha can so easily remove the foreground and can’t make the inverse, removing the background.

The reason we can remove the foreground is we are patching everything inside the foreground mask. We are not working out the edges of the object itself then taking the foreground out that way. This is why a difference matte is not going to be perfect: You’re still going to have noisy edges around the foreground object.

A difference matte is simply achieved by rendering the remove, placing the original on top of this render and then applying a difference merge/layer blend.