Rounded artwork on airplane fuselage

I need to paint artwork on to an airplane in flight. I see a lot of tutorials on flat screen type replacement, but wondered if you knew of any on attaching art work to round shaped objects such as an airplane (or can etc) that’s shifting in perspective. Thanks!

Good question, yes in the remove module in Mocha Pro you can use the grid warp function to wrap objects around curved surfaces. First, cut down the artwork to something the full size of the comp and set it as the insert object in the Mocha Pri interface or import the image using the import function. Align the surface tool to the area you want to wrap your surface around as a 2D plane, then jump to the insert tab, check the checkbox for use grid warp and set the amount of divisions you want to use, then wrap your image. Please note, the grid warp animates per grid warp point, so do not animate on other frames unless you want to keyframe animation.

Try that and let me know if it works for you. It should. You can also use this technique on mugs, bottles, and logos on cloth.