Route Animation Tool?

Anything within the BORIS Universe that can do this, and do it within VegasPro19?

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Do you mean the effect or tracing / stroking / revealing a path shape over time?

Ooo…. I didn’t think of that? I just wish to have wiggly line that follows roads on a map.

You should be able to achieve that effect with Title Studio. Delete the default text track, then select the pen tool and draw the desired shape. then with the shape selected, disable the fill and enable the Border, set it up to taste and animate as desired.

Never would have thought of that! And as the Background it would be the actual Map?

Yep, that’s it exactly.

O…K… I think you’re gonna need to dig deep into your Patience Tote Bag . . I feel so stupid.

This is what I’ve got so far, and I don’t have anything that resembles your Workspace. Yes, I have deleted the Default BORIS Text, but my Controls Panel doesn’t look like yours.

What should I do next?

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And to be revealed over time. :wink:

The layout that Peter is using looks very much like the default Title Studio workspace layout. To get that, go to Window / Workspace and in the context window that opens click on the bottom option ‘Reset to default workspace’. Then, in the top LH window, click on the ‘Controls’ tab to move away from the default ‘Text’ tab.

Thanks, Dexcon. Well, if so then I’m not getting that either?

No Animation. No Fill. No Border etc etc . .

I must be missing some display/window that doesn’t show up.

Dexcon, have you tried that?

Dexcon? I keep seeing you trying “replying” and then nothing is posted?

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What needs to done first is to delete the Boris FX title - what you’re seeing in the Controls window are the controls for text, not for splines which look as though they are yet to be created.

After the Boris FX has been deleted, click on the pen tool icon (the pen nib icon) in the tools column just to the left of the preview window. Then, in the preview window workspace, mouse click the route. When finished, click on the top arrow icon in the tools column. Then go to the Timeline window (bottom LH window) click on the entry called ‘Spline Object 1’, open up the ‘Fill’ heading and reduce the ‘Fill Opacity’ to zero - that will leave just the line. The Controls window should now look like the image provided by Peter once the Border tab has been selected.

With the ‘Spline Object 1’ highlighted, there should be a white frame around the splines. This needs to be the case in order to adjust the attributes of the line in the Controls window. In the Controls window, make sure that the top T1 is checked. The size/color/etc settings for the line can now be adjusted.

BTW, this is very much a learning experience for me as well, but the one thing I can’t work out is how Peter got curved spline nodes - I haven’t found a way to curve the splines in 2D space; I’m just getting angled changes of direction. The only way I’ve discovered so far to curve the spline is when drawing the line, but that changes the line in 3D space and it would be very hard to match a route on a map this way I think.

Also, a quick test on animating the line so that it tracks the map route from departure point to the destination only animates the Border settings, not the complete line. If you have a close look at Peter’s line with the Border End setting at -4%, the beginning of the line at the top is the original red pen drawing - it doesn’t animate, only the border animates.

Dexcon? I keep seeing you trying “replying” and then nothing is posted?

Just doing one of my thesis length replies.

Yup, you’ve now got as far as I. I deleted BORIS. I used the Pen which wasn’t drawing a Path. We’re missing something. Infuriating……

At this point I can ONLY thank you for showing some more of this mystery. We’re now in Prof Peter’s hands.

Why is this so darn difficult? OK, what I like about this TS FX approach I can LAYER my Backgrounds as TAKES back in VP19, and then try different Route options on different TAKES! I like this.

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Hey Guys,

So for curved line segments in Title Studio, click and drag to expose the directional handles before releasing the mouse and to convert any non-bezier knot into a bezier knot, hold down the option/alt key and click + drag on any point to expose the bezier directional handles.

I’ll record a screencap of generating the animation in TS on my system and send that along.


Here’s a link to a quick screen cap that shows how to achieve that line animation :

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Thanks, Peter! - Without that Demo of yours, I wouldn’t have known. I’ll need to watch this several times.

Q: Can I draw similar tracing Route Lines within MOCHA?

Oh, wow, Powerful Boris red can do that perfectly. I search in Google and found this amazing tutorial: Light-Painting with Boris RED - YouTube Using Strokes Begin and End in the Animation tab to animate the Route painted by you.
Or use paint layer as the animated mask of you route. Really powerful - Boris Red Painting on a Mask.mp4
Boris fx: Paint System.flv - YouTube

Sir, you really need to resurrect Boris Red!!!Use QT/C++ to rewrite it pls!

And check this help page:

You’re most welcome! Glad I could help you with this Biggrazie. While you can draw lines using Mocha, we don’t currently have a way to add an animatable stroke to that shape. It’s given me an idea though - we could have this as a new power stroke style filter - create shapes with Mocha and add options for animating a colored stroke along the shape paths with options for the path style (dots/dashes/arrowhead etc). I think it could be a handy filter and would fill in a gap in hosts other than After Effects.

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