S_BlurMoCurves from Sapphire crashes

Helping my son with an issue - S_BlurMoCurves is crashing. I’ve run AfterFX.com through a debugger and got this:

Error: Can’t checkout param 22; err=1d03

This was the callstack, but no debug symbols are available (not sure how to request them):

> sapphire_ae.dll!00007ff971983e20() Unknown
sapphire_ae.dll!00007ff9717d1929() Unknown
sapphire_ae.dll!00007ff971967acf() Unknown
sapphire_ae.dll!00007ff9719676c5() Unknown
sapphire_ae.dll!00007ff97109d098() Unknown
sapphire_ae.dll!00007ff97196f529() Unknown
sapphire_ae.dll!00007ff97196f00e() Unknown
S_BlurMoCurves.aex!00007ff9e145f050() Unknown
FLT.dll!000000000ab269d4() Unknown
FLT.dll!000000000ab26c57() Unknown
FLT.dll!000000000ab5e3e2() Unknown
FLT.dll!000000000ab2e7ea() Unknown
RG.dll!00000000134b15ed() Unknown
RG.dll!00000000134b40a9() Unknown
BEE.dll!000000000d3f7c62() Unknown
BEE.dll!000000000d40a8ce() Unknown
BEE.dll!000000000d4985f3() Unknown
BEE.dll!000000000d731e8a() Unknown
BEE.dll!000000000d6ee689() Unknown
BEE.dll!000000000d721c0e() Unknown
BEE.dll!000000000d70e999() Unknown
dvacore.dll!0000000004efd4da() Unknown
dvacore.dll!0000000004efa4bc() Unknown
dvacore.dll!0000000004efa974() Unknown
boost_threads.dll!000000000895aa0a() Unknown
ucrtbase.dll!thread_start<unsigned int (__cdecl*)(void *),1>() Unknown
kernel32.dll!BaseThreadInitThunk() Unknown
ntdll.dll!RtlUserThreadStart() Unknown

00007FF971983DF9 movzx ecx,byte ptr [rcx+3Bh]
00007FF971983DFD cvtsi2sd xmm3,ecx
00007FF971983E01 divsd xmm3,xmm2
00007FF971983E05 cvtsd2ss xmm3,xmm3
00007FF971983E09 movss dword ptr [rsi+34h],xmm3
00007FF971983E0E jmp 00007FF971984109
00007FF971983E13 mov ecx,ebp
00007FF971983E15 mov rdx,rbx
00007FF971983E18 mov r8,rdi
00007FF971983E1B call 00007FF971815E90
00007FF971983E20 cmp dword ptr [rax+0Ch],6 // HERE rax is 0 (null)
00007FF971983E24 je 00007FF9719844FE
00007FF971983E2A cmp dword ptr [7FF97235DB04h],9
00007FF971983E31 je 00007FF9719844DA
00007FF971983E37 movsx r10d,word ptr [r13+7B8h]
00007FF971983E3F test r10d,r10d
00007FF971983E42 je 00007FF971983FF1

Also forgot to add. This comes up before that:

“After Effects error: attempt to get a value from a time stream with no key values.”
( 29 :: 36 )

(several times), then

“After Effects error: overflow converting ratio denominators.”
( 17 :: 18 )

I took his file, and started “:bi-sect”-ing what exactly caused this. Got down to just three clips (sorry I’m really new when comes to A&E, and NLE stuff in general, I’m just a software engineer).

I’ve got it down to three clips where it was not crashing for one, but another. After revealing as much as UI I was able to find, the two clips where it was crashing had negative Durations (“Time reverse layers” as my son explained to me). After we precompose them it was working fine. Maybe that’s the issue?

this one is after we "fixed’ the middle one, and it’s no longer happening.

So at least he knows now what to do :slight_smile:

Thanks for digging into this and pointing it out. I’ll file a bug.

Can you (your son) put together a minimal AE project that contains a time-reversed layer that crashes with S_BlurMoGraph? I’ve tried a few things and it doesn’t crash for me.