S_Bokeh lights as Mocha Pro insert layer don't show in Vegas Pro composite track (resolved)

Hi, i have this clip where the camera moves a bit,
I added S_BokehLights, to an empty event on the top track & want the lights to move with the mp4 below

So i tracked the mp4 using Mocha in the composite mode

I tracked the back of the car & made the insert full screen

The S_BokehLights don’t show but if i put a different image in place of the empty event with S_BokehLights the tracking works as normal, :man_shrugging:

Later :joy::man_facepalming: whilst writing this I slid the Affect Alpha slider at the bottom up to 1.000, the S_BokehLights now show & use the tracking as expected, :grin: I’ve wrote this so i’m going to post it just for anyone else in the future :+1: