S_Cartoon...how to get cartoon style motion?

How can I add/imitate the typical motion (18 frames?) effects from real cartoons when I apply this great cartoon effect on a video that I want so bad to make it look as if was created as a cartoon originally? the effect S_Cartoon is fantastic and it does really look this was originally the work of an artist, not a videographer BUT humans walk and move as in any other video and that reveals is not a cartoon. How can I enhance the effect by changing the motion? I am editing in Avid MC using OSx 12.21 in a MacPro

Hi, there’s an fx called S_FreezeFrame,
I don’t know about Avid but in Vegas there’s an option in the media properties of Undersample Rate, it makes playback slightly jerky -

“*Undersample rate defines the framerate that Vegas will use if you want it to be different from the clip’s actual rate. It doesn’t change the speed of the playback, it only alters how often a new frame is used. For example, if your video is 25fps and you select 0.200 for the undersample rate, you will get a 5fps, and 4 of every 5 frames will be skipped or ignored. The frames that are shown will last 5 times as long.*”

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Thanks, Gid.Joiner! Actually, it is also here in my Avid and I am experimenting with it now. I am not sure if this is now perfect but man, this is so close to being perfect, I am amazed! thank you again!

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I just googled cartoon frame rates. i guess they try to get more frames for smoother animation, but your trying to reverse this, i found this quote interesting -

“How many FPS is a cartoon? -
Animation is traditionally shot 24 frames per second but that doesn’t mean 24 unique images per second. Quieter moment are often shot on 2’s ( 12 unique images per second ) and 4’s ( 6 unique images per second. )”

So maybe you could try a lower Undersample Rate when there’s less movement in your video :thinking::man_shrugging:

Something to consider but you mean within the settings of the S_ option correct? I’m not in there now but I only tried applying the effect without going to the settings/menu to change parameters. Thanks!

I was just thinking generally, when the quote says ‘Quieter moments’ i’m guessing they mean when a certain character isn’t saying something, their image is static, so several frames/seconds can go by & the image doesn’t change until it’s time for their part, I’m not sure how this would be implemented in reality with people but it was just an interesting observation