S_DissolveFilm crashing

I successfully moved all my Adobe Pr/Ae/Ps to my new PC and installed Mocha Pro, Continuum, Sapphire and activated licenses … all good.

However, when in Pr and I do a “Render In and Out” the very first frame of my sequence will stop and I get the following error:


No idea where to even start on trying to resolve this one?

Cheers, Rob.

This difficulty appears specific to Adobe rather than the plugins. Here is a discussion at Adobe’s site which contains various proposed solutions when encountering that Error and reveals you are not alone in experiencing the issue: https://community.adobe.com/t5/premiere-pro-discussions/error-code-1609629695-premiere-and-media-encoder-won-t-render/td-p/9269700

Yes, it does seem to be a common problem. Per thread link you provided, I switched from using Mercury Playback Engine GPU Accelerated (CUDA) to Software Only and I no longer have any issues with rendering.

My GPU is an nVidia Titan RTX (24GB VRAM) running the GRD drivers 471.96. I’ll try switching to the 471.68 SD studio drivers to see if that makes a difference.

Cheers, Rob.

EDIT: my GPU is not overclocked and is water cooled and never sees more than 40-45C peak temps.


I was able to track down the problem, it does indeed appear to be a BORIS FX problem. I posted this problem on Adobe’s forum and after considerable diagnostics I was able to narrow the problem down to the “Wiggle” FX and the Scale Height and Scale Width formula are outlined here.

Transform that Triggers GPU Accelerated Render Crash

If I disable the Wiggle FX, then GPU accelerated render works fine in Ae and Pr.

Cheers, Rob.