S-Effect parameters don't show in Vegas

Hi, do you know if S_Effect not showing the parameters is Vegas or Boris’s tech problem? (problem’s prob the wrong word)
& will this be changed in the future?

Try clicking Edit “8-bit” Effects button?

That just takes you into Builder

That’s the way it is with s_effect in Vegas. All the parameters are down in the builder.

Thanks but yes i know that, I was asking why & will it change so they can be seen in Vegas?

I believe it’s a limitation in Vegas based on a similar conversation I had with Brian and Alan last year. I’m sure they or the Vegas team can provide more detail.

“during the training Brian said that you’d see all parameters in hosts that can’t hide/show parameters (like Vegas), but it’s actually that you’ll see NO parameters other than Mocha. Anything from Builder won’t show”

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Thanks, Yep I expected it to be a Vegas limitation, with each update from Boris & Vegas I hoped this would change & the parameters would show one day, they do in other software I own so after waiting & nothing showing I finally decided to ask on both forums hoping that either Boris or Vegas would acknowledge this but apart from people like yourself neither side is answering, :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:
I guess i’ll have to keep waiting, :+1:

I suspect I’ll be waiting a long time tho, simply because this is a Vegas question :neutral_face:

Confirmed your problem. Look at the adobe version in Premiere :

Perhaps because not many Vegas users buy sapphire, they didn’t add this feature to Vegas.

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Yeah it’s in most if not all my other editors, still waiting, like i say it’ll be a while, not a mention from the Vegas officials either :disappointed:

@Gid.Joiner Hello, have you received some info from Boris about this problem?
Is this because The Sapphire Team didn’t make the feature for Vegas? or is it because the Sapphire Team did, but Vegas’ restrictions made it abnormal?