S_HueSatBright keeps causing a "A low-level exception" crash in Premiere

Hi there,
Hope you’re good.
I’m getting a pretty constant crash in Premiere 2022. I’ve scaled up some clips and then applied a S_HueSatBright where I apply some keyframe changes to the Hue. Thought I’d post in case it’s useful as a bug report etc.
Thank you!

Getting the same crash on non-scaled clips now as well. Premiere doesn’t seem to like this S_HueStaBright plug-in. Thank you

So, it’s alway hard to give support via Forum, I would recommend filling out a support ticket here: Boris FX | Open a Case

Here’s some information can post that will help zero in:

  1. OS
  2. Sapphire version
  3. Premiere Version (exact build)
  4. GPU
  5. Clip Resolution