S_LensFlare's Inspector is slow to open


In some cases, opening the S_LensFlare inspector took a long time.
S_LensFlare(Default preset) is fine. But Auror3 preset has problem.

  1. Place BG.
  2. Place S_LensFlare after BG.
  3. Load Auror3 preset
  4. Select BG. S_LensFlare Inspector is closed.
    (Because I choose “Show controls for selected” option)
  5. Select S_LensFlare(Auror3) again. But it takes 40 seconds to open Inspector.

The only way to avoid this is not to close the S_LensFlare inspector.
(Turn off “Show controls for selected” option. Or “Pin” on S_Lensflare.)

Please investigate. Thank you.

Fusion Studio v17, v18b Sapphire 2022.4 2022.5(Trial)