S_Retime make clip longer?

Hi, I’m new to AE,
I’ve added S_Retime at it’s default settings it makes the clip 50% slower :+1:
but now the clip is only half the orig length. I’ve made the composition twice as long as it was originally,
How can i make the clip the full length it was, just 50% slower playback?


I don’t believe that S_Retime has the ability to adjust the original length of the clip because it is subservient to after effects. What I suspect you need to do is pre-comp the footage and “pad” it with desired amount of frames; say double the frames of the clip since you are slowing it down. Then you add the Re-time and it will trick after effects into doing what you want to do.

I have never used that Re-time effect but I am assuming, hopefully correctly, that the workflow is something along the lines like this…using this other third party plugin.


Thanks, a lot of these online vids go too fast or skip important bits of info, I like the simple explanation by the woman but she gets a bit befuddled in the second part :exploding_head::rofl:,
I get it tho,

Add footage - Comp 1,
make new comp from Comp 1 = Comp 2,
Make Comp 2 longer, add Retime,

Vegas struggles with a lot of the Boris effects, esp Sapphire & Mocha, this is an fx it really struggled with also, so i embraced the dark side & got AE,
Loving it so far, been playing with it all wk for 6hrs+ each night, pushing buttons, changing effects, cutting…messing with my head & it’s but only crashed it a couple of times, :man_cartwheeling::grin:
Vegas crashes every half hr :unamused:

AE does seem to just not want to play sometimes tho, press spacebar & it does nothing, only closing fixes that.

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Hi, why do you switch to AE but not AVID?

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I didn’t try Avid,
Is there any reason why i would swap from AE to Avid?

Ps, I got AE as an effects editor to hopefully get full use from the Boris stuff i have,
I didn’t get it as an NLE,
If Avid can do everything AE can with the bonus of also being an NLE , i would consider swapping?

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AE is rental, AVID is purchasable

Unless you say differently, I can’t afford that.

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Dave do you think AVID is superior or at least “equal” to AE?

Just curious to hear your educated comparison.

Thank You,


I see many Hollywood and HBO experts using AVID editing instead of Adobe.