S_Retime OFX in Flame

So I’ve been experimenting with S_Retime plugin in Sapphire in Autodesk Flame and the retiming works however it seems like if I retime a clip to slow it down, the slow down is not reflected in the timeline in terms of increasing the handle length.

For example, if I have a clip and slow it down to half it’s normal speed then exit the S_Retime controls, I still have zero handles in the clip on the timeline. If I used Flame’s native retiming effect, I am able to see the change in handles as I slow down or speed up the clip.

Perhaps, I am doing something wrong or is this a limitation to OpenFX?

Thank you!

Hey there Prez,
Are you accessing the plugin through soft FX, BFX or batch? I just tried it out with BFX and was able to get the handles for the retimed shot if I went into the options (above the number of frames in the comp) and selected “timeline range”. When you go back to the tineline, you’ll be able to access the additional frames in the slowdown.

Flame 2023.1 BTW! :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,