S_RomanTile bug?


I like the S_Roman Tile background effect however the effect is always cropped at the top of the screen; leaving about 10% vertical area uncovered by the tiles; all the presets in that effect have this problem. I cannot get the tiles to cover the top part of the screen.

What is the trick to getting the effect to cover the entire frame of the picture? Like with every other effect?

Hi, i found this interesting, i used this a wk or so ago but on a cropped image, yep no scaling controls i can see,

Just now tho i applied it to a 16:9 jpg, there’s a few tiles down the left side that don’t work & stay white,

I wondered about the crop i did before so i applied BCC DVE ‘before’ Roman tile, I didn’t change any of the DVE settings, turning it on the white tiles turn blue like the rest :man_shrugging:
There’s no crop, if i removed the DVE the image size & shape doesn’t change, but turning it on & off has an effect, :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::woozy_face::joy:

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Thanks for the experiment — that is interesting, yeah i have no idea for some reason the top of my screen like the top 10% top area refuses to apply the tile effect no matter what I do.

What size is your media, can you share a screen shot?