S_Saphire Lens Flair Tracking Offset problem

Host - After Effects

I am attempting to track hotspot XY position on a subject as the subject moves using AE Plugin Sapphire Lensflair. I set up the track in Mocha using the plugin; the track looks great, the position of the hotspot is where I want it to be in Mocha and as stated, the track looks rock solid.

When I go back into AE host I select “Hotspot uses Mocha” - however, despite the track looking perfect in Mocha and the position of the hotspot being where I want it, there is a significant offset in After Effects as if the tracking inside Mocha is being ignored.

What could be some possible explanations for this strange offset even though the track in Mocha looks solid for the XY position of the hotspot??

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, I’ll open this up as haven’t done it for a while but when you add a lens flare the default has a centre, don’t move it from there, do the mocha tracking, then back in the host - Hotspot uses Mocha & it’ll relocate automatically, if you move the lensflare when you first apply it to the media that is when you create that offset,

Load the default lensflare onto the clip, don’t move it or change it in any way.
Do the Mocha tracking
Back in the host Hotspot uses Mocha, hotspot will move to the chosen tracked position,
then you can alter & adjust the design etc of the flare as you wish, but if you move it on screen or in the Position parameters you will create an offset, if you do want to move the hotspot after tracking do it in Mocha,

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