S_shake looks different in sony vegas pro then in after effects

I used the same settings for both softwares and same keyframes but they come out different than each other. I like how it comes out in sony vegas pro but not in after effects. Does anyone know why they look diffrrent when i use the same settings.

Different how? Is the direction or amount of shake different? Is it motion blur? (maybe AE motion blur settings vs. Vegas motion blur settings)


Its more of the shake thats different. Ill try rendering from both so you can see the difference.

A visual example would be good. Are you certain that nothing has changed, most notably the “style” parameter? (It can be “normal”, “twitchy”, or “jumpy” and each one gives different looks)


Im sorry where do i find the style parameter?

It’s one of the S_Shake parameters, so it’s with all of the other parameters?


These are the screen shots and video from Sony Vegas.

And this is the video from it. Half is animated and the other half is just the shake.https://forum.borisfx.com/uploads/default/original/1X/2653649ae813c95b0fe6b1ad7bb129f6bd79ab15.mp4

these are the settings from after effects.

Are you using an older version of Sapphire in Vegas? You can see in your AE screengrab the “style” parameter, but in Vegas there is no “style” parameter. It’s likely that things have changed in newer releases but there is a workaround: in Vegas click the “Save preset” button and save a S_Shake preset. Then you should be able to load it in AE using the “load preset” button. I would expect to see the same behavior in AE as in Vegas then.


And this is the video from after effects. Again, half is animated and the other half is just the shake.https://forum.borisfx.com/uploads/default/original/1X/550b2fa74efdb428673f88144d75690d9e3d074e.mp4

ok i will try that

Whoa, the AE rotation-only shake preset look sort of hideous.
Anyways, if you want to make it look equally hideous in Vegas Pro, set the X & Y Rand Amp to 0 under X & Y Shake.

Same happened to me. I have a friend using vegas and he gave me his s_shake settings and there was 0 shake in after effects. weird and annoying.

Are these the built in presets that you guys are using or did you create your own presets where S_Shake looks differently?

Can you save your preset and send it to us so we can check it out?