S_Spotlight Weird Offset Issue


I am using the S-Spotlight effect in After Effects on a video clip. There is no proxy file.

My goal is to use Mocha to track the aim of the spotlight as the subject moves throughout the frame I want to have the Aim1 (1 light enabled) track the subject.

In the mocha interface it looks though things are well and good with the aim1 tracking the subject well - the problem is when I go back into host AE and enable to the “aim1 uses mocha” - there is a significant offset to the light, like WAY off; which makes no sense to me because mocha has the AIM1 sticking to teh subject like glue; its perfect.

Problem when I go back into AE and hit that button its like way off from what mocha is showing - any ex

Hmmm, this sounds odd. We will look into it and see if we can reproduce on our end.


Hi, If i track something in Mocha but the image/media file is a different aspect ratio to the project settings, the ‘track’ will be off. are yours different?

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Hmm, no issues on my end with changing aspect ratio on comp size or tracking a spotlight with mocha. Are you moving the Light position in Mocha? You can use the search area box to track any part of the image, and the position of the light can be moved to a different area. Also, you would want to do the same with the Light and Aim, and make sure they both have “light/aim uses mocha” turned on in AE

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