S_Transition Builder viewing nodes

Hi, i’m just learning Builder by dissecting existing transitions,
In this eg. i’ve unlinked the Cutout 1 Mask 1, it says in it’s Parameters that it’s really a Vignette,
so i replaced it with a Vignette from the list on the left & set the Parameters the same, all looks like the orig :+1::+1: (apart from it should be Vignette Only inv :man_facepalming::grin:)
I’ve used masks for many yrs so understand the B&W/Alpha etc.
but to see what that is actually doing to the clip in Cutout 11 that it’s attached to, i have to keep clicking backwards & forwards from the vignette to the Cutout 11,
In Silhouette i have the option to view one node & adjust the Parameters of another,
Is this poss in Builder, if not would it be a stupid thing to ask for ?

Definitely a good suggestion!


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Thankyou :+1: