How do you get S_Transition to work? I’ve tried it on nulls, solids and adjustment layers, nothing seems to be working when I load presets.

Example, I’m trying to use the camera roll for multiple clips for a couple seconds, but it won’t even work with two clips.

Ok as I was typing this trying to click different options I found changing the auto trans to yes ignore % gets it to start rolling, but it glitches for the first few seconds being not usable and then it finally starts rolling. but it’s only working with just the first layer.

The transition dir doesn’t seem to matter on or off to bg

I need to use this effect but have it roll through multiple, like 5-10 clips since camera roll showing the exact same image on a film doesn’t make any sense to me since it would be a different frame each time.

Or is there a different transition that is for multiple clips and this one doesn’t do that?

Edit: Ahhhh, ok I see, when I put the auto trans to yes ignore I forgot to change the background back to none after I was randomly fiddling with settings trying to get it to work, so now it uses all the clips, but it is glitching at the start of every single one until way into it, it finally starts rolling.

The slow in and out is 0, so why is it glitching at the start, and how do I get it to not do that and start rolling right away? I think I understand the effect assuming it’s acting like it’s messing up first and then free spins…but I don’t need that first glitchy part.

Do I just move all the clips in and opacity 0 the first part or something so it doesn’t effect the clips prior that are not supposed to roll?

Also is there one that I’m not seeing that adds the film border to it as well?

@Thai I suggest posting in the Sapphire Forum.

Woops, thought I clicked Sapphire