S_UltraGlow moves image?

Hi, I’m having a problem with S_UltraGlow , when applied it moves the image?
Am I missing something?


Edit - turning off Expand Borders seems to fix it,


I just need to work out how to make only the pint glow & not the whole image,?

BTW this is what I saw on FB & it inspired me to have a play around with Glow + Paint,

@Gid.Joiner I can reproduce the issue in Silhouette 2020.0.3 with UltraGrain on my machine. I am not sure what the cause of it is, but it is fixed in Silhouette 2022.5. If you don’t want to upgrade, I suggest adding a Transform node before UltraGrain and move the image back into postition.

Ok, I checked the update but get a bit confused,

Help - Check for update says this

App manager doesn’t give update options, just says Trial, which I think it always does.

I’ll have to get back to you,

Your Silhouette 1 year of free upgrade and support ended on 10/31/22 and since Silhouette 2022.5 came out after that, you would have to renew your upgrade and support plan to be entitled to that upgrade.

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I like to try & keep my software up to date but I spoke in the little chat window on your site to Neal,
he gave me a price but I spent Dec in hospital & I’ve been off work sick since so I’ll have to consider this upgrade, I will do it tho at some point soon.
Thanks for your help.

Hey Gid. Had you had a chance to upgrade?
If you’re still using Silhouette 2022, you can try the following:

  • add the DOD node before S_UltraGlow
  • adjust the green frame of the DOD
  • reset the values in DOD back to default resolution. As far as I see from your screenshot, your resolution should match 3840x2160

Let me know if that solves the issue

Hi Elizabeth, no I haven’t updated yet,
I don’t know what that DOD is for, I’ve read the instructions but it’s still not clear to me,

  • adjust the green frame of the DOD* - only allows this at best ?

reset the values in DOD back to default resolution* - does just that, it resets the image?


Sorry I’ll need to do some research as to what that DOD is for,

Hmm, seems that did not worked for you.

The DOD Node basically crops you canvas to the resolution you set it. It’s generally used for optimization, as it cuts the pixels that you are not interested in, making the project run a bit faster. If you are familiar with After Effects, that’s similar to Region of Interest in AE. Here’s the video i can recommend Using Silhouette 2022's Surface and DOD Nodes for Faster Compositing and Inserts [Boris FX] - YouTube

The thing is, Silhouette deals with different size DOD’s seamlessly, but Because Sapphire effects are not DOD aware, so you might sometimes end up having weird repositioning bugs if your image is not the same resolution as your session. So you have to resort to placing DOD nodes where appropriate.

But it may be that you’re experiencing something else. Can you please share the project?

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:+1: I’ll have a look at that video :+1: sorry there isn’t a project as such, this happens with any clip + S_UltraGlow,
Adding a Transform node before UltraGlow as Marco says works but I’ll look into the DOD node as i don’t know anything about it & i need to learn
Thanks Elizabeth

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Glad to help!

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Upgraded, seems fine now,

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Something similar happens when I add UltraGrain. If I plug UltraGrain directly into source material or bit later all works OK, but after math composite with tracked element it will jump about half of source vertical size up.

Yep, I tried this the other day & I’m sure it was fine, but I just put it on & with or without Math Composite it shifts the image :man_shrugging:

It’s fine if the Grain Amp is 0

but add just 0.01 & it jumps up

Ps. I noticed if in the pics above that the Paint going into Background of the Composite didn’t move,

Hi Juha, are you on Silhouette 2023?

Yes, 2023 standalone.

Hi all,

What it looks like we’re dealing with here is UltraGrain not being DOD aware and that’s where the issue is. To fix it,

  1. Stick a DOD node upstream of the UltraGrain.
  2. Make sure to make a change to something in DOD, even if that is just changing Left/Top away from 0 and then back to 0.
  3. Purge your RAM cache by going to the bottom right corner of the UI, right click on the Memory display and choose Purge RAM Cache.

Your image should look fine again.

I have another recommendation for you, Gid. You don’t need to use Obey Matte in your composite node. Here’s how to get the effect your going for.

  1. Add a Color node set Channels to RGB (you used a blank png, that’ll work but it’s not internal)
  2. Add your Paint.
  3. Add UltraGlow. In UltraGlow’s Composite, turn Affect Alpha up to 1. This will glow the alpha channel out automatically.
  4. Add Composite. Pipe UltraGlow into FG and your image into BG.
  5. Bask in a job well done.


Here’s my node tree :


Thanks, yep good that using Color is internal, I don’t have to search for that png :+1: the RGB rather than RGBA has tripped me up, I’d have thought adding the A in the RGBA would’ve added an Alpha channel, :man_shrugging::man_facepalming::man_cartwheeling::rofl: & the Affect Alpha is key to making it work, I had tried that but must have got the wrong combination of other things & settings,
I had a fiddle & added a lens flare, & down at the bottom of that is Affect Alpha :+1::man_cartwheeling:
Thanks I like it when I learn something new :+1:

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Thanks Ben, it worked!

Is it something you will pass forward to the Silhouette team so it will be automated process in coming version?

This is a Sapphire limitation which we have worked around in other cases. Apparently, there are more cases we need to address.

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