S_Ultrazap spline mask

Hi, when i create a spline for the zap to follow, can i use the same in built mocha to also mask where i don’t want the zap to show,
Here i have an open spline running the length of the black & yellow bar, a short blue zap runs along it but i don’t want it to show where the car is, I’ve created a mask for the car but Add, Subtract & Transparent don’t seem to make any difference? there isn’t the options to Matte for layer 11 etc. like in Mocha Pro,
I can duplicate the event & add a mask to overlay the car but am hoping it can be done with one track & the Ultrazap fx,

I’ve added a Bezier Mask which allows me to ‘Mask FX’, it leaves the main event alone & just masks the previous fx’s
This isn’t a tracking mask tho, so i’m going to see i can do anything by adding Mocha Pro instead to mask the effect without having to duplicate the event/track,

Hi there,

I dropped this into the Sapphire forums, but the latest Sapphire S_Ultrazap should allow Mocha splines just fine, but the issue you seem to be encountering is expecting the masks to behave differently than they do. The mattes in UltraZap define where the lightning will be rendered and in what shape. If you want to further mask using Mocha I’d isolate with Mocha Pro, as this will come in handy if you need to composite objects over the lightening.

You can find out more in the documentation for Sapphire UltraZap as well.


Thanks, yep i couldn’t find a way to use Mocha Pro or the inbuilt one in Zap to mask an area to prevent the zap showing, so i just duplicated the tracks & added Mocha Pro to that, cut out the car so it was overlayed ,
I knew this way, i was just hoping the mocha in zap would be able to mask as well as create a path for the spline,
That’s ok tho, :+1::blush: