Sales questions ... partial response

Sorry for posting this question here, but I’m not getting anywhere with your sales teams response via eMail. I got one response and had more questions but never got a 2nd response.

Here is the content/question:

Thanks for the response. I guess I’m confused over your licensing …

I’d like to have All your products (PlugIn for Adobe AND Stand alone) but only for Windows platform?

Mocha Pro
Particle Illusion

Particle Illusion is listed as “free” but there is a buy option for $295??

Also a little confused about “Silhouette” and “Mocha Pro” … they both appear to do almost the same thing?

Any clarity would be helpful. Stand Alone is important because for whatever reason, Mocha Pro is horribly slow when launched from a PlugIn to Adobe Premiere, but fast when used as stand alone app.

Cheers, Rob.

Hey Rob,

The BFX Suite includes access to all of our products with a single license and is cross platform so yep, supports Win OS.

The free version of PI is standalone only, the plugin product requires a license and yep, it’s $295 if purchased on it’s own. The plugin version includes many features that are not included with the free standalone version - full details are up on our web site.

While there is some crossover between silhouette and mocha, they are quite different. In fact, Mocha is offered as a plug-in for Silhouette so that users can take advantage of the deep feature set in Mocha Pro but not the other way around. Mocha is tracking, stabilization, inserts and removes, camera solver, and of course a beautiful masking system. Silhouette is masking but also compositing, paint, an includes OFX plugins.

I hope this bit of info helps but please feel free to hit me up with additional questions.


Hello Rob!

I am happy to assist. I just relayed your message over to your account manager and he will be in touch soon to assist if you have any further questions.

I am going to send over his and my contact info to you now as well so you have it just in case. Any questions please let me know. Thanks!


Thanks Neal/Peter,

I’ll await Hank’s contact for license options, I don’t need the OSX support but I would like to get ALL available products.

Cheers, Rob.