Same Problem_Mocha Pro for AE_ Constantly Disappointing

So I’m working to keep an open mind as I have had to push back deadlines twice around using Mocha Pro for simple removes, etc. If it is not Input Frame from clip missing an error that I will get regardless of how well lit the footage is, or if it’s just color lines going through the footage with an Unknown Error flashing in front of it, Mocha Pro for AE has been a hodge-podge of AWESOMELY…bad… I’m a programmer by trade and fundamentally understand VFX in nature and scope. So to spend time having a program that has been optimized still not work regardless of what I do is very infuriating. Imagine having to tell your boss who is fronting the bill for the program that hey please push the date back again on your year long project, because Mocha Pro for AE doesn’t want to scan/track/ this part of a clip that is not changed in lighting perspective or skew.

Couple this with basically only hacks to use to make the program an nTh more workable and it feels like we’re rats in a maze helping this “add-on” to after effects functionally debug, while we get a hopefully workable solution, albeit 2-3 weeks after the due date.

I have done everything I know to do, that I have read, intuitively experimented with, and all of it to no avail. I’m actively anxious about my role in this production that I love, because what was supposed to be a slam dunk of a program is now a layup with the ball endlessly circling the rim. What sucks the most is that I genuinely like Mocha Pro older versions and I love what Mocha is developing for the future. I guess its just a matter of will it all work in time.

Well, I’m going to go smoke some Delta 8. My boss is calling about my deadline and my hands are shaking, so you know.

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Not to interrupt your lovely smoking time, but have you tried turning the GPU tracker off? That’s what this sounds like to me.

Please reach out sooner before your hands start shaking and we might be able to help you hit your deadlines without frustration.

If the GPU switch doesn’t work, please email me at maryp at and I will try to schedule a remote session to get your shots sorted out.

Have a better day,

Hi Mary, I am trying out the Mocha Pro two week trial in After Effects. I have watched all of your tutorials and tried an object remove every which-way but still am unable to do an object remove. I took your suggestion and turned the GPU tracker off, and re-started After Effects. I have not been successful.

I tried the easiest test: move a logo over a sky (so the sky is moving but the logo is stationary).

is it possible that the native Mocha AE is disabling the Mocha Pro functionality?



Do you have a BG track for the Sky? Is the logo for the FG remove shape always within the BG tracked shape? At any point can you see behind the logo you are trying to remove?

Let me know and I will see if I can help. Though this probably should have been it’s own topic.


Hi Mary. I appreciate your swift reply.

I have a BG track for the sky.
The logo for the remove FG is always within the BG tracked shape.
The logo is stationary—so I guess I cannot see behind it at any time.
I am clumsy with forums so apologize for jumping in and posting my issue as a reply.

Try making a cleanplate, painting out the stationary logo, and using cleanplates exclusively. Let me know if that fixes the issue.

Okay will do. Would prefer you I start a new topic?

Nah, we are here already.

The Mocha team’s entire goal is to make Mocha better for both new and existing users. We are invested in it. So we are genuinely concerned if a long-time user likes it less.

So, let’s unpack a couple of things here:

  • What, specifically, are the problems you are experiencing? Jumping into a months-old thread about a problem you’re having seems like a counterproductive way to get the program working for you.
  • The “good old” Mocha is being developed by the same people. Any specific problem you have with Mocha includes members of the team that made Mocha from the start, so please, again, be specific about the exact problems you are seeing and we can address them, preferably in a new thread, as this thread is already a mismatch of different topics.
  • I’m curious what the “classic” version of Mocha is. I see classic Mocha as version 1.6.0, but classic means different things to different people. Having this benchmark is useful so we know what regressions you are seeing.

Express your worries, problems, concerns, etc. We want to hear them.
But do it in a manner that is constructive so we can eliminate the problems you’re having.
As this is your first post to the forum, I’m not sure why you haven’t spoken up before to let us help you.

Additionally, @mercedespaulino if you are interested in having a more focused voice in the testing and development of Mocha, please join the beta program. You can DM me if you are interested.

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Hi Martin! Thank you for your response, and thank you for getting back to me on a Sunday night. Now that I have your attention, it’s been 3 years since I’ve experienced these issues with Mocha - at all different shops, on different platforms. Boris Mocha’s tracking slips quite a bit. I will draw a shape around an object, and it used to just work, no matter what. Now it often doesn’t even see movement unless I really tweak my mattes - maybe whatever algorithim it is that is detecting image data isn’t looking quite ‘deep’ enough, I’m not sure. Also that ‘previous keyframe’ button was very useful. Definitely could use that back. I have actually mentioned some of these issue before to someone at Boris, years ago, but the response was something to the effect of ‘what we are doing is right and needs no changing’, so I didn’t pursue it. You must know already quite well the issues of which I speak, since so many other people at different shops have expressed this same issue to me over the years, without my prompting. So I’m not sure what to tell you, besides the Boris Mocha doesn’t work like the one we’re all used to, and you guys should probably fix it.

(Sorry if you think I’m being being a jerk, but it has to be said.)

I don’t think poorly of anyone for venting their frustration.
I do however need to see an example of what you’re talking about. I’ve not seen the degradation of tracking that you’re experiencing and would like to find out exactly what you’re seeing so we can check for regressions in previous versions.

In more cases than not it’s to do with either graphics drivers or file format and caching issues.

Also, we’ve not gotten rid of the “previous keyframe” button. It’s still there in all versions:

Unless you mean a different button?

Please file a bug report of where you have had tracking not work where you expected it to work, and we will happily investigate. The more details we have, the easier it is to find the problem.
If you’re not seeing the previous keyframe button, then that’s definitely weird and I want to see what you’re seeing.

See here for how to file a bug report:

If you’ve also had colleagues complain about it but they haven’t filed reports, please encourage them to do the same. Most of the emails we get from the studios are specific to exact defects or feature requests.

You can also email me directly since I manage the development of the product: martinb at

Hi Martin! I think the interface I was using to do remote work simply wasn’t resizing the UI properly and I lost my buttons. : \ (I am silly.) However, the tracking still slips. I know that in pro v5 I could track the same shape and get it on the first go on the default settings. When the shop I was at switched, I attempted to track the same shape on the same plate with the same settings and it was not seeing the very subtle movements. Like it just doesn’t seem to be able to see the image it like the older version could. I don’t know what happened.