Saphire 2019


How is the Progress on Saphire 2019 ?


It is going very well! We are excited to releasing Sapphire 2019 soon!


Will Sapphire Be out the Same Time as BCC ?


Sapphire 2019 will most likely be released before Continuum 2019.


I will upgrade My Unit.


Since Saphire prefers CUDA the newer Apple Computers will suffer a performance hit than Saphire On windows with Nvidia Cards.


To those People Who use Apple,There are new Nvidia RTX that support OpenCL.2.0 CUDA OpenCL.As For After effects there has Been A Nvidia Optix that Speeds up Rayrracing.:slight_smile:


I’ll also point out that Sapphire has always been optimized for CPU performance. If you don’t have a supported GPU that does not mean that Sapphire will be “slow”. :slight_smile:



Well Having The Saphire and Nvidia Is Win Win:


You can’t compare the GPU performance in AE or Photoshop with Sapphire – it’s not a direct comparison. In other words, if a specific GPU makes AE 3x faster, it doesn’t mean all Sapphire effects will be 3x faster too.



Yes it Does replace Optix1.dll in windows In aftereffects :slight_smile:
NVIDIA speedup for Aftereffects

Or get A Rtx 2070 or above.

Ps Saphire Favores Nvidia.
Comparing Apple to Pc(windows)
Ie CPU Performance and Gpu performance you mention.
For Graphics AMD Is Generaly Slower.


I am getting maximum of activations Reached provided by Orders even after Deactivating.


Licensing problems such as this should be addressed to technical support.