Sapphire 11 - How about a way to activate/deactivate without install/uninstall?

In the same way that BCC is licensed? I have Sapphire on my desktop but when I travel, I need to uninstall on my desktop and then reinstall on my laptop. Huge pain.

In fact, it is perhaps ridiculous that I can’t have the software licensed on two machines at once, but that’s the topic of another discussion.

No immediate plans to change the uninstall/install process. I know it seems like it’s an easy thing, but it’s rather difficult. We do sell dongles for the purpose of easier hot swapping.

I understand that it may not be ‘easy’ but it should be considered in order to bring Sapphire up to the same standard as other Boris products. Let’s add it to your backlog and see if a bright young developer can’t make it happen sooner than later?


Gotta say… license / unlicense takes almost zero time. That in mind… it’s a total pain if you have a motherboard blow out and have to wait for support to unlicense previous installs. It’d be nice if you can login to your online acct and deactivate licenses.

It does take some doing if you are using machines that are not connected to the internet for security reasons. It would be great to be able to deactivate all licenses through a central web account area.

Hi when I wanna download sapphire, it says that it cannot import or something like that. What do I do to fix that because I really really need it ! Thx

Hello, Not really sure what this means, or why it’s posted in this thread about uninstalling. It sounds like you have a support issue and would be better off contacting support at Boris FX | Open a Case



I thought it was just me emailing Boris FX about this. Can’t believe a big company like this hasn’t sorted out a basic software development issue like this. Please sort it out Boris FX

Thank you,