Sapphire 2019.03+Continuum 2019 AE Encoding Previews Crashes Adobe Premiere 13.0.3 Build 9 in Windows 10


I have sent a copy of my project to jclement at borisfx; Premiere crashes when encoding the clips starting at 1:05. (update, also before this as well) I believe it happens later in the clip as well, I recommend trying to encode the rest of the previews as well. Render Export/Queue works fine. If you have any connections with adobes developers you are welcome to send them whatever necessary to fix this problem, including the project itself.


Temporary work around by changing sequence preview render format to cineform. And another year+ old problem arose which also appears to have been temporarily band-aided by disabling sequence setting ‘composite layer in liner color’



Can you clarify what you mean by “encoding the previews” in Premiere. We want to be sure we understand exactly what you mean since so far we have not been able to reproduce with the project you sent.

Also can you list the system specs?



Glad to see you on top of everything here. Yes I mean rendering effects in the Premiere timeline; anything in the red immediately crashes Adobe Premiere on my PC. It started out of the blue and happens on the exact frame every time until you chang the sequence video preview file type. GTX 660 2GB, Xeon 5460.Asus P5Q Pro. 8 GB ddr2.



When rendering the test project we saw memory usage in Premiere much higher than 8GB, although we were not able to reproduce the problem. It is possible that 8GB is just not enough memory for this project. Is it possible to add more RAM to your system to see if that helps. In general 8GB is pretty tight for visual effects work.



Did you try testing with 8 gigabytes of ram or less? More is not possible on my current setup.


8GB of main RAM is probably just not enough to work with Premiere and our effects. You could open a support case to pursue this further if you would like.