Sapphire 2019 - mocha tracking for lens hotspot

Is it possible to use mocha to provide hotspot tracking of lens flare in Sapphire 2019 the way you can in Continuum 2019?

If not, consider this a request.

Thoughts? Thx

You can do this right now with a two layer process using LensFlare autotrack. Here’s a tutorial explaining how in Media Composer, but the same technique can apply to all host applications.

Long term thinking, yes, we would like to implement a more elegant solution for Sapphire, similar to the new parameter tracking workflow in Continuum 2019.


Thanks Brian.

Yes I was thinking about Continuum 2019 when I mentioned this.



So hotspot tracking in Continuum Lens Flare 3D is handled via a secondary layer input which is used to direct the filter to a pixmap that is used for the hotspots. The pixmap can be a still or video clip and the user has control over which areas in the pixmap are going to produce a tracked lens flare via a threshold parameter. Lower values will produce more flares but of course it’s all dependant on the pixmap source. It’s a great way to control where in the image flares will appear without going to a motion tracker. Plus, you could literally add hundreds of flares to a shot with the right pixmap source, something like a black and white binary bitmap that has lots of white dots - each white dot in the pixmap would serve as the source for a lens flare. Of course, as Brian mentioned, you can always use the built-in mocha tracker to lock a lens flare to a specific location in the image.


Thanks Peter - I realized the enormous power of the Sapphire implementation after watching the tutorial Brian linked-to. I guess I was stuck on the tracking improvements in Continuum 2019 and didn’t think about the benefits of the Sapphire approach. All I can say is that I’m glad to have both sets of tools!