Sapphire 2021 can't show in VEGAS Pro

I have installed Sapphire 2021 for a trial. But it can show in my VEGAS Pro 15 purchased a few years ago.
What do I need to do to fing the reason?

Is there any Sapphire Log files can help? :worried:

Try deleting your Vegas host plugin cache:
Vegas caches some info about host plugins in a folder like this: C:\Users\YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME\AppData\Local\Vegas Pro\18.0
To purge the Vegas plugin cache you can delete the svfx_plugin_cache.bin and plugin_manager_cache.bin files in that folder and then delete all the files in there of form svfx_Ofx*.log
Then relaunch Vegas and it will rescan all the plugins.

That can’t work :worried: Can I find a log file to check what is the problem?

Make sure your cache folder is clean by deleting everything in C:\Users<user name>\AppData\Local\VEGAS Pro<version #> (delete everything with VP closed and use task manager to make sure it’s really gone from memory). The initial startup will be kind of long after this cleaning but once it’s up, restart VP again. Use task manager to make sure VP is completely gone from memory before starting it back up, or reboot before cleaning out the folder.

That can’t work :worried: Can I find a log file to check what is the problem?

“can’t work”

Do you mean to say that you tried it and it didn’t work?


Ok, the best I’ve got then is to suggest looking in that folder after VP has started up and see if there are any obvious errors associated with sapphire. I don’t see any but then my install of sapphire is working in both 15 and 17

The Boris folks might have a more targeted suggestion but may not be back online until Friday or Monday (it’s a “holiday” here in the U.S.)

Which folder :worried:

Sapphire 6.1 can show in my Vegas Pro, But Sapphire 2021 can’t. :worried:

As we have stated before, this is not the best place for technical support. This is a forum for usage questions, tips and tricks, etc. Sapphire 2021 is fully supported for Vegas 18, and been tested thoroughly internally. You could have some custom installation problems with your setup that need to be diagnosed by the support team. Please open up a case @ and we can surely get to the bottom of your problems.

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