Sapphire 2022 crashing in RESOLVE 17.4.2


Today i installed (updated from 2021 Versions) BCC Continuum 2022, Mocha Pro 2022 (OFX) and Sapphire 2022 on my machine for use within Davinic Resolve 17.4.2.

All works, but Sapphire crashes immediately Resolve as soon as i launch a filter.
Doesn’t matter whether in Timeline-FX, ColorFX or Fusion-Tab.

Sapphire is activated and i also trashed “OFXPlugInCacheV2.xml” in /users/Library/ApplicationSupport/BlackmagicDesign/DaVinci Resolve".

I also did a complete re-install of Sapphire 2022, but that doesn’t help.
Any ideas?
btw. BCC 2022 and Mocha Pro 2020 both work fine…

My Machine is a 28-Core 2019 MacPro with 192 GB, RADEON VEGA II PRO DUO,RADEON XT6900XT and i am on Mac OS 11.4.


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Hello, and sorry for the difficulty.

I believe the following will help, but don’t have similar hardware to confirm.

In a terminal window, launch a text editor (enter the admin password when prompted by the system):

sudo nano /Applications/BorisFX/Sapphire\ 2022\ OFX/config/s_config.text

Page down to the end of the // Resolve section and add the following around line 178:

host_gpu_integration:Resolve: 0

Type Ctrl-o and hit enter in nano to save, then Ctrl-x to exit.

Setting that flag to zero will stop Resolve trying to pass Sapphire images in GPU memory. One of the GPUs should still get used for Metal acceleration of effects.

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Thanks for your help!

Sadly this does not work. All Sapphire Filter still crash as soon as they get activated.

I believe it has something to do with Metal GPU-Processing:
Using Metal i tried to deactivate the GPUs in Resolve except just one (used the “Standard” Apple Pro VEGA II) and Sapphire still crashed.

When i switched to OpenCL everything works fine (but is slow, compared to Metal processing).

Any ideas what’s going wrong?

Am i the only one with this issue?
I still can’t launch any SAPPHIRE Filter…. :thinking:

This seems happen with Resolve on Mac with multiple gpus on Metal
Some questions:
Are you running free Resolve or Resolve Studio?
Can you try setting use_gpu: no in s_config?
Does Sapphire 2021 still work (just to confirm)?

Hi !
I use DR Studio - not the free version.

Disabling GPU in the config file works.No crashes… but also: no GPU :slight_smile:

I don´t have Sapphire 2021 on my machine. But they worked fine with the same config (same machine, same os, same resolve version).

Thanks AGAIN!!

Thanks for the detailed report. Someone else reported similar circumstances with a Vega Duo. Work to fix crashing Resolve on multiple Metal GPUs is underway for Sapphire 2022’s first maintenance update, which can be expected some time after the Thanksgiving break.

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thanks and good to know i am not alone with this
and the devs are going to fix it.m :+1:

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Any news about the fix/update?
Or maybe a “beta” i can test…

The crashing has been reproduced here in-house. The fix is still being finicky. Thanks for offering to test when ready, since it would be good to confirm function on your fine hw.