Sapphire and resolve

Recently started using DaVinci Resolve at home and at work as it looks like we will be implementing it for 4k use and for Color correction. So I decided to download it (it’s free) at home and put it to the test. Of course I need my favorite visual SFX to go with it so got the latest version of Sapphire to test out as well.

First, to me, Resolve for editing is FCP 7 on steroids (with a few functions that DON’T work). I love the media browser as I can see any file format you can think of…like Premiere. Editing is easy (if you know FCP). Like the inspector and Dynamic zoom makes push/pull on pics easy. I like being able to go to CC and back without leaving the app. Audio…eh…haven’t really needed it, did everything in the edit window. And output was cake.

Now to my FAVORITE tool, sapphire…I was not able to keyframe fx like in all other editors. I looked at every window there is but did not see keyframing ANYWHERE. Also some of the FX did not work, specifically swishpan. Just acted like a push fx.

Stay tuned…more to come.

Hey! Glad you are digging Sapphire.

In terms of Resolve, you CAN keyframe, but current OFX implementation is not like in all hosts. In the color tab, under the keyframes square, twirl down the Corrector tab. You will find an “OFX” layer, in here, you can keyframe the opacity of the overall effect, just like with any resolve effect, but not individual parameters.

Let me look into the SwishPan issue…I’m seeing that too.


PS. FIRST POST!!! :heart_eyes:

Looks broke to me. We will make a ticket and investigate!


Thanks for the info on keyframes. I will look into that ASAP and let you
know what I think.


So I went into color and the keyframe tab but was still not able to
keyframe a glow opacity. I will keep trying and keep you posted.

After some research, it seems S_SwishPan has been broken in Resolve for some time. We will look into it again and see if it can be fixed for a future release.

In terms of key framing an OFX plug-in in Resolve, you can key frame the overall effect on/off, but not individual parameters. This is a limitation of the Resolve OFX implementation, and it’s the same for all OFX plug-ins. You can research how to do this in the Resolve documentation, it’s not really a Sapphire thing.