Sapphire & Continuum filters within Silhouette? no Sapphire or OFX tabs in the plugin version!

Hi, Brand new to Silhouette, only just bought it on Thurs 7th Oct 2021, quick question, watching one of Mary’s vids, you mention Sapphire & Continuum filters?
On the video you have BCC Rain, on Vegas i have BBC Rain but the search in Silhouette can’t find rain
’ I’ve just read on Marco’s post - [Silhouette 2021 / 2021.5 - Version History] - * Sapphire Node Tab
A dedicated Sapphire node tab appears when Sapphire is installed.’’ ?
I have no node.?
Do i have to ‘add’ something to get Continuum & Sapphire within Silhouette?

If i click Silhouette from the start menu rather than from within Vegas it shows the Sapphire tab & an OFX tab but it won’t let me activate from there so i activated inside Vegas when i bought it, does this mean i don’t get those tabs because i have the plugin version?

If that is the case & i don’t get those tabs i might have spent a bit more :unamused:
I did ask

I’ve just read through everything i can find & nowhere does it says the plugin has not got these features, if it is written somewhere it’s not obvious

@gid.joiner OFX plug-ins only appear in the standalone version of Silhouette—not the plug-in version.

Yep i gather that, but nowhere on your site does it say that these do not appear, there’s only one download option so i assumed from everything I’d read, watched & Neal’s answer in the chat pop-up when buying that i would get them inc,?

Hi, I paid the extra & bought the standalone + plugin version, I now have those 2 tabs :+1:
May i suggest you make it clear on your site or in the purchasing/download window that these tabs aren’t inc on the plugin version, not even if you buy the standalone do these tabs appear when opened in the plugin version from the host.

I am sorry that you were not provided the proper information at the time of purchase. OFX plug-ins not being available within the Silhouette plug-in is outlined in the FAQ at Boris FX | Silhouette and Silhouette Paint FAQ , but we will make it more clear in the OFX section of the main Silhouette product page.

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Thankyou, I’ve read that, but yes i think for idiots like me a clearer version would prob be helpful :+1: